Beach site facility update May


Dear Member,

The new PYC beach site facility has started to take shape.  As most of you will know, the new promenade has been in its construction phase for some 18 months now and is due to be completed in the last quarter of this year (September we believe). Just Recently for the first time, PYC was handed the plans to our new facility by the DPDC (the developers).  The obligation from the DPDC is to construct a basic shell, consisting of concrete walls, floor, ceiling and a fitted glass frontage with doors in the allocated position.  It will be the responsibility of PYC to finish the internal layout and fittings of the new facility.  Gencom has mandated a working committee called the Beach Site Committee (BSC) to carry out the task of formulating a vision for the new facility.  At present, the BSC is evaluating quotes and proposals and will formulate a business plan to present to Gencom.  The BSC welcomes questions and/or concerns from members regarding the new facility.  You are urged to email your questions or concerns to [email protected] . These questions will be addressed and included into the input and needs analysis report for this project.

The BSC has formulated a survey.  We appeal to you, to please take 1 minute (that’s all it takes) to complete this survey, so that we can address the actual needs of the membership.  Even if you were a “non-user” of the beach site in the past, PLEASE STILL DO THE SURVEY. We are looking for a 100% membership participation in this Survey.

Please click on this link , to complete the survey.

Peter Hall – Beach site Committee



Please see the facility drawings below: