Bingo Night - Thursday 26th March


We now have the keys to our new beach site. The venue is still raw concrete without electricity, but it does have basic toilets and access to the beach. Our plans have been submitted and we await their approval before we can begin the necessary improvements. There is so much to be done, and so much that we need – materials, skills and workmanship, and money – quite a bit of it.

The venue will be open this weekend from 6am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, with the following being available for purchase:
Soft drinks, Cappuccino sachets, Milo, Hot Chocolate sachets;
Foot Long hot dogs; Pre-made sandwiches and wraps (made for us by the Eat Greek team).

As we have no liquor license yet, members are welcome to bring their own alcohol.

We will have a number of picnic tables on site, but feel free to bring your beach chairs etc.

So, come on down and have a look at our new venue – better still, spend the day at Vetch’s and get started on the vibe that we intend establishing.  Hobie sailors – let’s see you down there making up for lost time!


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