Vasco 2017

Vasco da Gama Ocean Race 2017


Advance Information Announcement


It is with great pleasure that I can advise you on behalf of the Point Yacht Club, and the Algoa Bay Yacht Club, that the dates for the 2017 Vasco da Gama Ocean Race have been set.


The race will start on Thursday 27 April 2017.


After the success of the 2015 and 2016 races, it is hoped that a record fleet will make the start line in 2017.


The official Race documents are attached to this mail.


Official Race Documents

  1. Notice of Race
  2. Entry Form
  3. Schedule 1 – Safety Equipment & Scrutineering Check List
  4. Schedule 2 – Trophy List 2017
  5. Boat information sheet
  6. Crew List
  7. Deadline dates & info


  1. Notice of Race

There are some changes to classes for the 2017 race, with a Two-Handed division being included this year. This has been included due to requests we have received in the last two years. There are additional requirements for those wanting to enter this division – including a qualifying passage.


  1. Entry Form

In an attempt to make the entry process more simple, there are fewer onerous requirements on the Entry Form this year. Entrants are requested to complete the Excel Spreadsheet electronically and e-mail that together with a scanned copy of the original signed entry from and their proof of payment to the Race Secretary.


  1. Schedule 1 – Safety Equipment & Scrutineering Check List

With Safety always a major concern, this document has been fine-tuned further without compromising safety in any way.


  1. Schedule 2 – Trophy List 2017

This race has a handsome array of fine trophies available to winners in the various divisions, and which have been won by some legends of offshore sailing in this country. Medals will be awarded to the crew of all boats recorded as finishers.


  1. Boat information sheet

Some of the information previously requested on the entry form has been included in this spreadsheet. Plus there is additional info requested, all simply to let race organisers have additional information on your boat for safety and handicapping purposes. Please complete the form electronically and mail it to the Race Secretary together with your entry form.


  1. Crew List

This has been fine-tuned further.


  1. Deadline dates & information

This handy form simply gives competitors a schedule of critical dates and times by when information is required by the organisers.


Points of Interest

Rally Class

This class is aimed at permitting cruising type boats to compete safely and make the finish in good time to enjoy the festivities the Algoa Bay Yacht Club provides. The Rally Fleet may motor for 8 hours in every 24 from the start, and have unrestricted use of autopilots.



This is one of the few races which permits multihulls to compete in either a racing or cruising division. So, if you are a multihull owner, please give some serious thought to entering and being part of this classic ocean race.


Two-Handed Class

This has been included due to requests we have received in the last two years. There are additional requirements for those wanting to enter this division – including a qualifying passage. This info is detailed in the Notice of Race, however aspirant two-handers are encouraged to contact the Race Committee should they have any queries.


The 2016 Race Tracking – Sponsored by GIMCO

An aspect of the race that simply blows people away is the incredibly accurate ‘race trackers’ which allows loved ones and followers at home to keep tabs on the race, almost in real time, with just 15 minutes between updates. The tracking service is supplied by YB Tracking and sponsored by Gutsche Investment & Management Services (GIMCO) who have committed their sponsorship again for 2017 due to the huge following the race received, and the positive feedback.


Interestingly, the YB Tracking app for mobile devices was downloaded by over 800 people – a number which staggered the tracking suppliers as this was higher than for some key European races they are involved in. The race was followed in 31 different countries and had just under 5000 followers at its peak.


Request for Early Entries

There is an earnest request from the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Richard Crockett. “It always helps to receive entries early for a race of this nature as each entry helps build interest. The earlier we receive entries the quicker the momentum picks up and the more interest we receive. So, please submit your entries early”.


So please don’t delay and enter NOW!


Should you require anything further or have any queries please let us have them and the Race Committee will address them immediately.


Information on the Vasco da Gama Race may be obtained from the Point Yacht Club:

Tel.        031-301 4787

email           [email protected] / [email protected]


Kind regards

Richard Crockett

Chairman – Organising Committee

Notice of Race – CLICK HERE

Entry Form – CLICK HERE

Safety 1 – CLICK HERE

Trophy List – CLICK HERE

Boat Information Sheet – CLICK HERE

Crew List – CLICK HERE

Deadlines – CLICK HERE