January 27, 2018 all-day
PYC & Charlies Bar

Hi Petro, Amanda, Dave and Alan,

Bar Anniversary Mug pursuit race (same format as the Jonsson Cup). I have secured Eric Atherstone as the Race Officer, so all we have left to do is put the various steps in place to make it happen. In no particular order:

Amanda – please would you arrange for copies of the attached sailing instructions and season entry form to be printed and placed on the dinghy notice board. Would it be possible for links to these forms to also be place on the Club website please?

Petro – We must continue with our previous chat about having some sort of social event on the day, which is all about celebrating the anniversary of the official opening of Charlies Bar;

Dave – The course will require only 2 marks to be laid – one being the start/finish pin, and the other being a deep water turning mark. Please can I leave it in your hands to have a deckhand arranged, and then the usual of boats being fuelled and ready for action.

Alan – I would consider it prudent that we have a further safety boat on the water, and in that regard Oppie Duck would make the most sense. Please would you ensure that we have a skipper and deckhand arranged for the day.

Looking further ahead, the Dinghy Class Championships take place on the following 2 Saturdays – 3 and 10 February. We will be having a Dinghy Committee meeting soon and will attend to the details at that point, but the main issue is to ensure that we have Committee and safety boat personnel arranged well in advance. I am not concerned about specific social functions on those afternoons – I expect that my company will again sponsor the series, so in all probability we will provide a round or two of drinks in Charlies each day, and perhaps some light snacks.

Many thanks.


Myles White