Beach Site Access

  • Beach Site Access

    Beach Site Access

    Dear Members

    Any PYC (Point Yacht Club) member who would like to gain access to the temporary facilities at the beach site that is managed by the PWC (Point Watersports Club) are required to follow the following easy steps, to obtain access:

    1. R500.00 payment must be made to Point Yacht Club

    2. Reference Details – Beach & Your Membership Number

    3. Email proof of payment to [email protected]

    Once we have received and confirmed your payment, PYC will process the following on your behalf:

    1. Confirm payment for your fees with PWC, in order for them to create your PWC access Card.

    2. Email you the Associate Membership Form for PWC which you will be required to fill in and submit at

    the PWC office in order to obtain your access card for the Temporary beach site.

    3. PYC will then credit your PYC account with R250.00

    Should you have any further queries please email Susan at [email protected] for further assistance.

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