Proposed Road Changes: 2015 Holiday Season

  • Proposed Road Changes: 2015 Holiday Season

    Proposed Road Changes: 2015 Holiday Season


    1 October 2015

    This proposal document was prepared with the input of Theuns van Heerden (Metro Police), Lionel Pillay (uShaka), Heinz Dickson (DPWMA Security) and Neels de Bruin (DPWMA).


    During the 2014 Festive Season, traffic within the Point Precinct became a nightmare, resulting in numerous complaints from residents and businesses that operate within the Precinct.  Roads were gridlocked and vehicles were parked in every available space, including on sidewalks, parks, entrances, roads and intersections, etc.  Residents could not reach their respective properties and businesses struggled to operate.  In an attempt to prevent the same from happening again, the below proposal is submitted for consideration.


    Access Changes will be implemented on 1 November 2015.  Booms will be left open until the need arises to close these.  A decision to activate Boom Access Control will be made between DPWMA (Control Room) and Metro Police.  Browns Road will become a one-way street on 1 November.

    Access to the Precinct

    As during previous years, a permit system will be in operation in order to ensure that residents and workers can still access the Precinct.  However, it is suggested that DPWMA request permits on behalf of residents and businesses, whilst uShaka request permits on behalf of uShaka Staff.  The permits are then to be distributed in a controlled manner to the various Bodies Corporate/Building Managers/Businesses for further distribution to tenants/workers.  City Permits, uShaka staff Cards and Watersports Club Cards will be accepted as proof that the carrier is allowed to access the Precinct.

    Road Closures

    It is proposed that traffic to the centre area (mostly residential) is controlled by means of road closures and booms.  Proposed road closures were selected specifically as alternative (circular) routes are available to allow traffic to exit the area without obstructing traffic by making U-Turns.  Please see the attached Google Earth Map for details.  It is further suggested that valid Card/Permit Holders enters the Precinct via Mahatma Gandhi Road, while all others use Browns or Camperdown Roads.  The various Watersport Clubs are to be informed that Friends of Members will not be allowed once the Precinct is full.


    A Boom is proposed at the Intersection of Camperdown Road and Albert Terrace in Camperdown Road just east of the intersection.  This Boom will be controlled by uShaka Marine World staff.  In theory, this will allow uncontrolled traffic flow along Albert Terrace.

    Browns Road:

    A Boom is proposed at the intersection of Browns Road and Albert Terrace, in Browns Road just east of the intersection.  This boom will be controlled by DPWMA (Enforce Security) staff.  It was further agreed that Browns Road will become a one-way street during the period.  Vehicles will only be allowed to EXIT the Point Precinct via Browns Road.  Egress will only be via Camperdown Road (all vehicles) and Mahatma Gandhi Road – Card/Permits Holders only.  ETA will supply and install the necessary signage.

    Albert Terrace Extension – behind Lion Match:

    It is proposed that Lion Match be approached in order to control this road section, as this only allows access to the two vehicle entrances to the Lion Match Depot and upstairs parking.  DPWMA will approach Lion Match.

    Mahatma Gandhi South:

    It is proposed that a Boom be installed in Mahatma Gandhi Road on the north-western corner of the Old Pump Station.  This Entrance is to be used by valid Card/Permit Holders only and vehicles not complying will be instructed to turn left between the Waterfront Hotel and the Old Pump Station.  This Boom will be controlled by DPWMA (Enforce) staff.  Signs will be posted indicating “Card/Permit Holders Only”.

    Mahatma Gandhi North:

    We further propose that a ‘standby boom’ or movable Barrier be on standby for the northern lane of Mahatma Gandhi to be put in use only should vehicles try to use the Exit Lane as an Entrance into the Precinct.

    Metro Police

    Since the authority of DPWMA/Enforce Staff was questioned, we further request at least one dedicated Metro officer to assist between the various booms.  This officer can be deployed at any of the Booms, or move around the various Booms.  Metro Police will ensure that flatbed Tow Trucks are available during the period to remove any illegally parked vehicles.

    DPWMA Control Room

    The DPWMA Control Room will play a crucial role in monitoring traffic within the Precinct during peak periods.  Should the Precinct become grid-locked or full, Metro Police (an individual is to be nominated) needs to be informed immediately in order to close Mahatma Gandhi Road at the Bell Street intersection.



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